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Sports Outreach Institute
The fundamental purpose of Sports Outreach Institute, Inc. is to identify and train committed Christian leadership in the effective use and understanding of sports ministry. Sports ministry, simply defined, is any program or strategy that uses sports as a vehicle to fulfill Christ’s command to go into all the world and make disciples of all nations. It is using sports to evangelize and disciple with the emphasis on making disciples…

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Light Children – A Graphic Novel by Andy Horner

Storytelling is one of the greatest influences on any culture. Have you observed the books, movies, and video games captivating the adults and children of our nation? It’s horrifying! Rather than complaining, Christian writer Andy Horner is doing something about it with his Light Children project. This graphic novel is designed to reach mainstream audiences with a wholesome message about light, hope, and sacrifice….

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Olde Stuff Band
I love playing rock and gospel music with my five buddies.  We enjoy making great memories at weddings, corporate promotions, parties, and concerts.  Music you can dance to, fall in love to, sing the words and hum the melodies.  That’s what MUSIC is supposed to be!



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