Tea Time Radio July 25, 26, Aug 1, 2, 3

July 25, 2011

Monday, Bachman is unfit to be President.  By whose standards? Tuesday, who is more dangerous? Traitors or cowards? Next Monday, how three genuine patriot Presidents dealt with illegals. Tuesday, we’re dying of self-inflicted wounds but we’re still cutting and bleeding. Wednesday, Congress must be stopped before America dies.
July 25 Why Michelle is Unfit
July 26 Cowardly Sissy GOP
August 1 Illegal and Deported
August 2 Killed by Fraud
August 3 Dying and Drinking


Tea Time Radio July 18 – 22

July 15, 2011

We’re watching a President do what he was hired to do: destroy America. When George Soros told us he would give America a President of his choosing to do what Soros wanted done, most folks didn’t believe him.  I believed.  I warned. I take no joy in being right.
July 18 Bankrupt and Spending
July 19 My 50 Million Dependents
July 20 Hillarys Assistant
July 21 Five Best Sentences
July 22 Slave Owners

Tea Time Radio July 11 – July 15

July 15, 2011

Every one-minute spot this past week dealt with the purposeful sabotage of a once-great Nation, by person or persons unknown.  Yes, we know their names.  But that’s all we really know. 
July 11 Impoverishing a Nation
July 12 Obama No Biography
July 13 Destroying the Economy
July 14 Afghan Tyranny
July 15 Biggest Lie Ever

Tea Time Radio July 5 to 8

July 6, 2011

I pick up the litter on my street because I enjoy a tidy street.  What does that have to do with liberals and conservatives?  A lot!  Wednesday, gun-control freaks have armed bodyguards!  Thursday, Canada can’t do business with Obama and the Chinese are once again eating our lunch.  Friday, why do the ACLU, our media, and liberals in education and political office have such hatred for Christ?
July 5 Liberal Litterbugs
July 6 Gun Control for others
July 7 China Canadian Oil
July 8 Hating All Things Christian

Tea Time Radio June 24 – July 4

June 30, 2011

So Romney believes in “man-made global warming?  Wonder what other myths he holds dear. June 27, Obama is dipping into our Strategic Oil Reserve.  Idiot or Traitor? June 28, the concept destroying America is “entitlement.” Fact: NOBODY is entitled anything they want from you or me!  July 4, America’s Founding Fathers signed their death warrants when they signed the Declaration of Independence.  Do we care?
June 24 Warmer Romney
June 27 Oil Reserve Treason
June 28 Entitlement Idiocy
June 29 Perhaps Capitalism
July 4 Freedom is not Free

Tea Time Radio June

June 20, 2011

This week I talked about two lives: mine at 67 and Daddy’s at 95.  So far, so good.  To celebrate my birthday, I spent three days in DC at the Smithsonian.  Not the palace of learning I remember.  On my way back from the farm, I passed dozens of “Green Jobs” windmills. None were moving.  Seems I’ve aged into an insane America.

June 9 67 Years Ago
June 15 Happy 95 Daddy
June 10 American Heritage
June 20 Smithsonian Correctness
June 21 Smithsonian Correctness
June 22 No Wind No Power

Tea Time Radio May 31 to June 10

June 6, 2011

An armed Walgreen pharmacist saved the lives of Walgreen’s employees. His reward? June 1, Medicare is going broke. The liberal solution? Let it happen! June 2, producers are enslaved by welfare recipients. Their whip? June 6, the Jews have a sharp wit. Too bad our President hates them.  June 7, liberals give less to charity, but cruel to those who do give.  June 9, what America was 67 years ago when I was born. June 10, Bible verses are written all over our national monuments.  When will they be chisled off?
May 30, 31 Defending Walgreens People
June 1 MediScare
June 2 Enslaving the Producers
June 3 Feeling or Fact
June 6 Jewish Jokes
June 7 Cruel Liberals
June 9 67 Years Ago
June 10 American Heritage