52 Million and Counting

I love little babies.  At age 63 I’m too old to think about more kids of my own, but I occasionally get the thrill of a new baby anyway. A friend from the Liberty Godparent Home brings JoAnne and me a newborn baby, and our baby’s adoptive parents take their baby from us in about two months. (You can get really attached to a kid in two months!) We do this because taking care of that newborn baby is our way of showing love and appreciation for human life.

Each time a baby is placed in my arms, I am reminded that in this country, my new baby was less than a week away from being killed, legally.  As I look into her little eyes, it seems impossible. (I say “her” because most sex selection abortions are committed against girls. So much for universal women’s rights.)  That may change a little after last week’s Supreme Court decision on partial birth abortion.

Last week, we observed the 35th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade and commemorated the 52 million babies killed in abortuaries. We’ve observed potential judges being grilled, pilloried and damned by Barbara Boxer, Ted Kennedy, and Patrick Leahy, because the potential judge might think that this is wrong. The inquisitors are concerned that the new judge might not enforce the law that allows the slaughter. He might not even beat and imprison folks caught praying in front of abortion clinics.

How did things get so insane? Over the past 35 years, how did we go from a nation that fought to protect life, to one that has taken more lives than did Hitler’s and Stalin’s regimes put together?

To answer this, we must go back to 1972 and briefly revisit the Supreme Court case that put pre-born babies and our nation into such peril.

In 1970, Norma “Roe” McCorvey was pregnant, but abortion-on-demand was illegal. Some friendly folks from the American Civil Liberties Union took Norma’s unhappy dilemma to the Supreme Court. The judges needed something, anything, in the Constitution that would give them a way to legalize abortion-on-demand. Since there was nothing there on killing the pre-born, they had to make something up. It was a real stretch, but they found the “right to privacy.” Since abortions are done in private, the Court was able to vote 5-4 in favor of legalizing abortion-on-demand.

Most people really have no idea how such a vote was possible, but 52 million deaths later, reality may be sinking in. Especially for Norma “Roe” McCorvey who says she now deeply regrets how the ACLU abused her, and the court decision that bears her name. Could it be that this afterthought came from her conversion to Christianity?  She says it did.

I am not going to discuss how pre-born babies are human beings and deserve the full protection of the law, because even abortionists admit that they are killing human beings. I’m not going to discuss the “health of the mother” because the American Medical Association publicly stated that few abortions, especially partial birth abortions, have a bearing on the health of the mother. Besides, abortion clinics do not have to meet the same high medical standards other clinics must meet, so the health of the woman seems to be irrelevant to abortion advocates.

I’m going to discuss an area that I can professionally address – financial planning. You haven’t thought of the financial aspect of Roe vs. Wade? No wonder, few have. But when you take 52 million people out of the taxpayer base, you will end up with shortages. When you take 52 million people out of the Social Security contribution base, you will have dramatic shortages.

The first wave of the Baby Boom generation will retire within the next 5 years and go on Social Security. They will stop paying in, and they will start taking out. More and more will follow in their wake. It doesn’t take a wizard to figure out that a huge gap in income vs. outgo is on the horizon. I have worked the numbers, and the problem is quite real.

The best example of this can be found in the wonderful movie, “Pay It Forward.” It’s about a boy who had the idea of doing good to someone who was not allowed to return the favor. The recipient of the favor must “pay it forward” by doing a kindness for someone else. The Social Security system is a lot like that. The folks who started receiving their retirement checks 60 years ago had paid in practically nothing. The money was available because folks behind them “paid it forward.”

There would have been 52 million folks behind us to pay it forward. Unfortunately, they won’t be there. In worshiping the god named “Choice,” we killed them. I guess hindsight truly is 20/20.

© 2008 by George V. Caylor. All rights reserved. 
The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left.
(Ecclesiastes 10:2)


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