Tea Time Radio Sept 26 – 30

September 29, 2011

Sept 26 Once a Christian Nation
Sept 27 Hopey Changey
Sept 28 Join Us
Sept 29 Treasonous Voting
Sept 30 Islamic Disruptions


Tea Time Radio Sept 19 – 23

September 22, 2011

Nearly every national problem this week is points to the tragedy of liberals electing Obama.  They will be sorry.  They will, or should be, deeply ashamed. 
Sept 19 Celebrating Diversity
Sept 20 Obama Care Depression
Sept 21 Chairman Mao Obama
Sept 22 Wealthy Must Pay
Sept 23 Threatening Grandma

Tea Time Radio Sept 12-16

September 13, 2011

Considering the evil that Islamists brought us on 9/11/2001, should we be sending American boys to fight them?  Tuesday, NBC obviously hates Christians. Wednesday and Thursday, the Tea Party is villified, but only by the vile. Friday, just WHAT IS a Ponsi scheme?
Sept 12 Drones and Bombs Only
Sept 13 NBC Prejudice
Sept 14 Tea Party memos
Sept 15 Tea Party SOBs
Sept 16 Ponsi Social Security

Tea Time Radio Sept 5 – 9

September 5, 2011

Monday – Obama just finished his Ramadan observance.  As he said, America is not a Christian nation. Wednesday, the two most ignorant words in the English language are “settled science.”  Why? They’re used to keep the population ignorant of  honest scientific debate.  Friday, why did Obama’s goons raid Gibson Guitars?   
Sept 5, 6 Ramadan President
Sept 7, 8 Settled Science Fraud
Sept 9 Gibson Shut Down