Tea Time Radio August 20 – 26

August 28, 2011

It is hard to understand why the ACLU joined forces with Josef Stalin to destroy America.  Hard to understand why George Soros is spending his billions on our destruction or why Americans elected his surrogate BH Obama.
August 20 Failure
August 23 Obama Electorate
August 24 Stalins Plan for America
August 25 Stalins Plan for America 2
August 26 Stalins Plan for America 3


Tea Time Radio August 10 – 12

August 10, 2011

This week we’re in crisis. But getting mad at Obama is liking blaming the dog instead of its trainer.  Soros doesn’t make mistakes.  America made a huge one Nov 2008. Then on Friday, an announcement about a great LIVE show.  Not only free, but a chance to win some “Name that Tune” cash! Know your Motown?
August 9 Lose Lose
August 10 Failure
August 11 Entitled to Nothing
August 12 Americana Show