Tea Time Radio Aug 1 – Aug 5

July 30, 2011

I’m enjoying my newest granddaughter this week while worrying about the fraudulent president who’s workng on destroying her future.  All five one-minute spots are part of my war on terror.
August 1 Illegal and Deported
August 2 Killed by Fraud
August 3 Dying and Drinking
August 4 Gold and Food
August 5 Heroic Blacks


Tea Time Radio July 25, 26, Aug 1, 2, 3

July 25, 2011

Monday, Bachman is unfit to be President.  By whose standards? Tuesday, who is more dangerous? Traitors or cowards? Next Monday, how three genuine patriot Presidents dealt with illegals. Tuesday, we’re dying of self-inflicted wounds but we’re still cutting and bleeding. Wednesday, Congress must be stopped before America dies.
July 25 Why Michelle is Unfit
July 26 Cowardly Sissy GOP
August 1 Illegal and Deported
August 2 Killed by Fraud
August 3 Dying and Drinking

Tea Time Radio July 18 – 22

July 15, 2011

We’re watching a President do what he was hired to do: destroy America. When George Soros told us he would give America a President of his choosing to do what Soros wanted done, most folks didn’t believe him.  I believed.  I warned. I take no joy in being right.
July 18 Bankrupt and Spending
July 19 My 50 Million Dependents
July 20 Hillarys Assistant
July 21 Five Best Sentences
July 22 Slave Owners

Tea Time Radio July 11 – July 15

July 15, 2011

Every one-minute spot this past week dealt with the purposeful sabotage of a once-great Nation, by person or persons unknown.  Yes, we know their names.  But that’s all we really know. 
July 11 Impoverishing a Nation
July 12 Obama No Biography
July 13 Destroying the Economy
July 14 Afghan Tyranny
July 15 Biggest Lie Ever

Tea Time Radio July 5 to 8

July 6, 2011

I pick up the litter on my street because I enjoy a tidy street.  What does that have to do with liberals and conservatives?  A lot!  Wednesday, gun-control freaks have armed bodyguards!  Thursday, Canada can’t do business with Obama and the Chinese are once again eating our lunch.  Friday, why do the ACLU, our media, and liberals in education and political office have such hatred for Christ?
July 5 Liberal Litterbugs
July 6 Gun Control for others
July 7 China Canadian Oil
July 8 Hating All Things Christian