Tea Time Radio May 31 to June 10

An armed Walgreen pharmacist saved the lives of Walgreen’s employees. His reward? June 1, Medicare is going broke. The liberal solution? Let it happen! June 2, producers are enslaved by welfare recipients. Their whip? June 6, the Jews have a sharp wit. Too bad our President hates them.  June 7, liberals give less to charity, but cruel to those who do give.  June 9, what America was 67 years ago when I was born. June 10, Bible verses are written all over our national monuments.  When will they be chisled off?
May 30, 31 Defending Walgreens People
June 1 MediScare
June 2 Enslaving the Producers
June 3 Feeling or Fact
June 6 Jewish Jokes
June 7 Cruel Liberals
June 9 67 Years Ago
June 10 American Heritage


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