Tea Time Radio May 23, 24, 27

May 29, 2011

May 23, why is Obama siding with Islamic terrorists against Jews? May 24, the crazy Koran burning preacher has 6 members in his “church.” Why does the Media follow him around? May 27, unlike Obama, Herman Cain is a Constitutional Conservative and is actually Black.  Problem: how can liberals continue to paint his Tea Party supporters as racists? For loving the Constitution? This will be interesting.
May 23 Destroying the Jews
May 24 Lonely Loser Koran Burner
May 27 Cain is Black


Tea Time Radio May 17 – 20

May 20, 2011

Whether Obama is from Kenya, Hawaii, or Mars, he’s currently the President.  We can admit our mistake and fix it. Wednesday, Bin Laden was a terrorist.  Like his fellow terrorists, he was also a sexual deviant.  They seem to go together.  Thursday, does God like his name being invoked by crazy Muslims when they blow up God’s children? Friday, there is NO Social Security trust fund.  It’s been gone for decades.
May 17 Admitting the Mistake
May 18 Bin Laden Perversions
May 19 God is Good
May 20 Social Fraud

Tea Time Radio May 9 – 13

May 13, 2011

This week my audience has enjoyed Glenn Smith, Human Resources Director for B&W in Lynchburg, VA.  Glenn is a Constitutional scholar, and does surprisingly good radio commentary!  Here are six, rolled into one.  A four minute college education, free to all.
Glenn Smith Commentaries

Tea Time Radio May 2-6

May 5, 2011

This week, I’ll just do some cynical commentary on what we’ve become:  Sissified, dumb-downed, and short-sighted.  Except for Friday.  My group Sports Outreach is making tremendous progress in Africa.  And now it seems Disney is getting involved with us.
May 2 We are Americans
May 3 Dumbing down America
May 4 Anti Hunter Anti People
May 5 No Hunters No Animals
May 6 Ugandan Triumph