Tea Time Radio, April 25-29

April 26, 2011

Monday and Tuesday, my bumper sticker says “How’s that hopey changey thingy workin for ya?” Wednesday, liberals maginalize the person when they can’t maginalize the message.  Thursday, about 5 American know Star Trek’s Jeri Ryan inadvertently helped to destroy America. Friday, my apologies to Ben Stein for using his voice from “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.”  Obama’s past?  Anyone?  Anyone?

April25 26 Hopey Changey
April 27 Persecuting Palin
April 28 Star Trek Obama Disaster
April 29 Obama Past Anyone Anyone


Tea Time Radio April 19 – 22, 25

April 22, 2011

April 19 is the anniversary of several tragic and shameful events America would sooner forget. Wednesday, why did Obama follow a racist for 20 years? Thursday, which is worse, Democrat treason or Republican cowardice?  Friday and Monday, “How’s that Hopey Changey thingey working for ya?
April 19 A Bad Anniversary
April 20 Obama’s Racism
April 21 Treason and Cowardice
April 22 Hopey Changey 2
April 25 26 Hopey Changey

Tea Time Radio April 11 – 15

April 16, 2011

Monday, Planned Parenthood’s abortuaries are extremely profitable. So why do they need tax-payer’s money? Tuesday, a good woman can make a good life.  Mine has. Wednesday, our Constitution is a secular document for governing a Christian nation.  John Adams warned that it would destroy any other. Friday, let’s meet and protest the outrageous spending and debt.  Learn where and how!
April 11 Liberal can donate
April 12 Happy Anniversary
April 13 Once a Christian Nation
April 15 and 18 Tax Protest

Tea Time Radio April 4-8

April 3, 2011

Monday, does your city or state attract those who will produce, or those who will use your welfare system? Tuesday, why are professional athletes who made millions now broke? Wednesday, our culture continues to be dumbed down.  To what end?  Thursday, writers see writing styles.  Bill Ayers’ admission he wrote Obama’s book didn’t come as a surprise. Friday, the dems are about to spend it all getting their man reelected to the highest office. Too bad, Americans. There are things more important than your survival as a nation.

April 4 Users and Producers
April 5 NFL Hero and Bankrupt
April 6 Outdated Marriage Vows
April 7 Obama’s Ghost Writer
April 8 Tea Party Alive