Tea Time Radio March 28-April 1

March 26, 2011

Monday, evolution has to be true!  It just has to be, no matter what! Tuesday, Moslem leaders super-wealthy, their followers super-poor. Wednesday, Liberal religion’s three  fundamentals are falling apart. Thursday, should those who contribute nothing and take much – have a full vote? Friday, insurance underwriters take risks seriously. America would be wise to do likewise.
March 28 Evolution must be true
March 29 Islamic Poverty
March 30 Liberal Fundamentalism
March 31 No tax, full vote
April 1 Taking Risks


Tea Time Radio, March 21-25

March 20, 2011

On Monday we’ll look at how strong decent people face calamity.  Tuesday’s spot was recorded and sent to my contacts in DC March 15.   Thursday, God is still in control.  God is always in control.  Friday, Global Warming is a Liberal’s villain for every calamity, even earthquakes!

March 21 Japan VS New Orleans
March 24 Moon Gazing
March 25 Global Warming Earthquake

Tea Time Radio March 7 – March 11

March 6, 2011

Monday, guess what org has never been found guilty of prejudice, violence, or hate?  And guess which same org gets the blame. Tuesday, decades ago, unions were useful and honest. Wednesday, why would a President appoint avowed communists to rule over American citizens?  Thursday, the Cherokee nation was not protected by our laws.  Guess what segment of Americans lost 50 million people for the same reason? Friday, the demoniac family of Westboro Baptist Church has protection for their hate speech.  People who pray outside abortuaries are arrested and beaten. 

March 7 Tea Party Morality
March 8 Public Employee Unions
March 9 Communist Czars and President
March 10 Trail of Tears
March 11 Westboro Demoniacs