America’s New Weapon – “Tea Time”

January 9, 2010

We’re doing something new in radio and on the web: “Tea Time.”  The Tea Party movement has a new voice.  In fact, it has a lot of voices.  Here is the first “Tea Time” to be aired Monday, January 11 on WLNI’s stations and on WBRG’s.  We will cover Central Virginia January 11. As donations increase, so will the listening area.  It begins with an English lady announcing, “It’s Tea Time.  For a second cup, go to On The Right Side dot com.”  Then the 50-seconds message on taking back America.  I’ll be talking probably once a week.  For the other days, I’ll enlist other Tea Party Patriots from around the nation.  Schools will have essay contests.  The child who wins will speak on Tea Time.  People will tell their friends on Facebook, My Space, Twitter.   Everyone with a good message will get the chance to aire it nationally, during “Tea Time.”

Click on the date link below for today’s “Tea Time.”

Jan 12